I have so many things I want to share with you guys here but really time is my enemy. I haven’t told you yet, I am a Dentistry student so obviously my course demands so much time and effort so even if I’m eager to write, I can’t. Lol.

Mid-term exams are done (finally) and we are just waiting for the results. I’m not that confident I will pass it all, tho I spent so many nights awake just to review. Lol. Since I am free tonight, I will use my time to update my blog and since it’s still February, I will write about V-day and how I spent it. 


It is the month people have been waiting for. The month of love, romance, and surprises! Isn’t it wonderful to see everyone giving and showing their love to someone they… love. Have you ever think of how amazing people fall in love on the same person, same time? Like how does that even happen? Magic, right? But not everyone is happy during v-day, some are “bitter” as what they call it. Well you know, we can’t judge them, we don’t know their story. Maybe they lost someone they love on the same day as heart’s day or they broke up with their boyfriend/girlfriend, maybe her parents separated or maybe they just don’t like it. There are so many reasons, but it is not that hard to be happy for those who are happy celebrating it too. Some are just sappy. Anyway it only happens once a year so let’s just enjoy it! Even if you are single (like me) you can celebrate it with your friends! Who says you can’t? LOL. Well, me, I bought myself a tulip since it is my favorite flower and I had brunch with my friends. It’s simple but I liked it. Oh! And I also helped my guy friends to pick and buy a bouquet for their mom and girlfriend in Dangwa (one street full of flower shops). See? In that simple way I made myself happy too. After all, Valentine’s day isn’t only for couples, it is also for friends and for yourself. As what Justin Bieber say in his song, “love yourself”. 

Let’s be happy. Let’s be thankful. Forget hate, just love. Life is so beautiful! 

Ps: The red tulip on the picture is mine, the other one is my friends’.